About Us

Our Mission is to Lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

But what does a growing relationship look like? Many people define spiritual maturity by church attendance, spiritual knowledge, or attending a series of classes. At Life Church of Clarksville, we define spiritual maturity by relationships. If people are to grow in a relationship with Jesus, then they will need to be pursuing intimacy with God, community with insiders (people inside the church), and influence with outsiders (people outside the church).

We lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating irresistible environments that encourage and equip people to pursue three vital relationships: Intimacy with God, Community with Insiders, and Influence with Outsiders.

What does these really look like?

Intimacy with God-  We work on equipping each person to take their faith through sermons that are pertinent and challenging. Through teaching series, we equip people on how to study the Bible for themselves, how to communicate with God, and challenge people to make a commitment in learning more about God's purpose for their lives. In our weekly Bible studies, we help teach a better understanding of the Scriptures.

Community with Insiders- We believe in the effectiveness of small groups. Through meeting in small groups, we learn how to live life together. What this means is that we share our joys, sorrows and needs with each other in a group of twelve or less people so we can encourage, lift up, and build up each other. Through prayer, sharing of meals, and Bible study: we learn together about how God wants us to perceive Himself and how we are to impact the world around us with the Gospel message.  

Influence with Outsiders- Through partnerships with other churches as well as our own missional focus, we are better able to serve the community around us. We conduct fun events to share with our neighbors and open doors for questions about God and Jesus. Under the radar, we partner with local schools to fill the needs of children and families, whether it is reading to children or giving necessary educational materials.  One of Jesus' commands to us was "to go and make disciples". A closer look at the Greek meaning is "while you are going" which means your everyday life, we are to build relationships with people that we come into contact with daily.